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Compostie Surf SUP's

The ProWave is the most radical board in Fanatics line-up. Adaptable and potent, this board is first choice for solid conditions and for riders seeking the ultimate surf experience.  With a wider more compact outline, the AllWave is the smooth operator of the group.  Fluid, stable, flowing and confidence inspiring, this board shines in all conditions from small white water to clean overhead walls. For the more creative, the Stubby line takes a completely modern concept and mixes it with traditional qualities to produce an absolute quiver killer of a board.  Designed to get loose and stay deep in the pocket with heaps of control, flow and a snappy, slashy style.  If you’re into classic longboard surfing then hang your feet on a Stylemaster! Designed for flow and style, this board paddles easily and glides insanely, whilst the wide nose provides plenty of scope for hanging toes and getting creative on the wave!

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