Discovery and adventure has never been more exciting than with our inflatable Touring range! The Ray Air is the ultimate cruiser that’s easy to paddle, fast and designed for your comfort. Choose from Fantics lightweight and durable Stringer technology, as well as our Premium Double Layer Light construction, or our unbeatable value / weight Pure technology (11’6” only), all neatly packed in an easy to transport backpack. The Diamond Air Touring is a glamorous ride with all the performance features to enhance your paddling experience! For the kids, we’ve got the ultimate vessel for trips and excursions. The Ripper Air Touring is lighter and more durable than ever, with a windsurfing insert to boot. It’s stable, soft and everything they need in one neat kit bag!

Paddle Board Use
Paddle Use
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  • Ripper Air Touring

    Ripper Air Touring

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  • Pure Air Touring

    Pure Air Touring

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  • Ray Air

    Ray Air

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  • Diamond Air Touring

    Diamond Air Touring

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  • Rapid Air Touring

    Rapid Air Touring

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  • Ray Air Premium

    Ray Air Premium

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