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We believe in Well Beings

Our insight-led health and wellbeing programs can support you in improving productivity, retaining staff and making your company a desirable place for prospective employees to work.

"It's about getting people to want to do things voluntarily, not forcing them".

"I loved that we were able to bring our familes along to WeSUP. It was amazing"

"It's got the Directors out there and visible, spending time with their staff".

Scientifically proven to reduce stress

Spending time by the sea or on the beach is proven to increase mental wellbeing, including this with SUP, yoga, physical exercise will help improve the overall wellbeing of all your staff, no matter their age or ability!


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Tailored to your needs

We are positively challenging conventional wellness coaching by offering a fresh and fun way to engage your mind and body. We fully understand the most effective ways to refocus, rejuvenate and control symptoms of work-related illness. Protecting your team’s health & wellness puts your business in a modern arena and helps you to attract and retain the best staff.

We know that increasing productivity and improving profitability go hand in hand with enhancing workforce wellbeing and WeSUP have a pioneered a wellness solution that truly tackles the fundamental issues of workplace productivity. We have banished the boring, obvious team building activities and introduced an exciting, tried & tested method which is both affordable and totally sustainable.


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You have come this far. Why not arrange to come down a see for yourself. 

Our house is yours

Our programmes normally take place at our ocean location in Cornwall, our river location in Southampton or from our base in Montenegro; a stunning retreat that overlooks the Bay Of Kotor and Adriatic Ocean. If you have access to a body of water close to your place of work, we can also bring our innovations to you. We can work with groups of up to 25 in number. Any more than this and we lose the personal feel that makes our wellness programme so special. We can of course schedule larger workforces over any given term and in fact, we offer great rates for long-term partnerships


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