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We are living in strange and unique times – Global warming, consumerism, globalisation and the internet are contributing to a radical shift in human attitude.

wesup voucherThe conscientious amongst us are waking from our sleep walk and making better decisions on what is truly important in our lives. We no longer seek validation of our social status by the stuff we can show off, like our massive houses and flashy cars. To many, that fading attitude seems a little crass, even vulgar – certainly uncool. Instead we seek a life of clean living, good health, environmental and social sustainability and meaningful life experiences. It would seem that our positive mental health, friendships and time away from the busy day to day grind are amongst the top human priorities. We have stopped living for the dreams of our boss and instead seek true personal fulfilment and joy in the simple things.

paddleboarding life experiencesThe team at WeSUP are enjoying countless stories from the thousands of people we see each year who reflect on their life experiences with us. For many, their experiences at WeSUP have revolutionised their lives. Our customers have commented that with our help and support they have overcome social anxieties, they have learned to work with the ocean’s environment and now enjoy the coolness of our British waters. They have found a new and exciting way to keep fit, they have uncovered a desire to explore and for the first time in their lives, they can see themselves falling in love with a watersport.

Such notions embellish the very good reasons why SUP has become the fastest growing water sport in the world. Its the most accessible, dynamic, safe and simple social activity you can do on the ocean. No matter what your age or ability, WeSUPing will fill you with an immediate sense of personal gratification and lustful happiness. Almost every human (and dog) that stands on a paddleboard for the very first time immediately identifies themselves as a paddler, and seeks the opportunity to incorporate it into their lifestyle.

paddleboard headstand wesupWeSUP see the world of SUP very differently to most and our mission is help people exploit the incredible opportunity for an improved lifestyle through SUP. If you, your best friend or your loved one has a desire to try stand up paddleboarding, we can guarantee you an experience that will supersede your expectation. We are so certain in fact, that if you are not completely happy, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee.

This year we have set up a great voucher scheme so that you can gift the gift of WeSUP to your besties! Vouchers start from as little as £12 and can be found online by following this link. Below you can find a handy guide to the top 5 voucher ideas.


  1.   £12 SUP Hire – A one hour session and a great DIY solution for a confident customer in safe sea conditions. Board, paddle, buoyancy aid safety instruction is included.
  2.   £20 Taster Lesson – This voucher will give them a 30 minute lesson with a senior instructor along with 30 minutes of free time to enjoy the basic skills they will learn. A perfect experience for someone who is confident but wants to learn the basics correctly or for the younger ones who’s attention to detailed instruction is limited.
  3.   £40 Beginner SUP Lesson – This 90 minute session will take any novice from zero experience to a competent and skillful paddler. 60 mins with an instructor and 30 mins of free time. We guarantee their success and if we fail (which we won’t) we pledge a free second session by way of voucher.
  4.   £60 Private Lesson – Much like the beginner SUP Lesson above only that the timings and group size are all on your terms. Perfect if the paddler requires focused instructor training for health or confidence reasons or simply doesn’t want to be a part of a group.
  5.   £155 Club WeSUP membership – Our seasonal memberships are incredible value for money. Not only do members get to meet and befriend the nicest bunch of humans they could ever wish for, they will get a beginner SUP lesson, Reading Charts & Weather Clinic, Learn to Turn Clinic and Footwork Clinic, PLUS free use of a board and paddle every single day or the season and free access to all our Club Fitness sessions, adventures and fun activities & socials. It’s insane value! Spring Summer Season lasts from 1st March – 30th September but buys yours today to guarantee your place before we sell out.

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