Viper Air Windsurf


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Whether you’re Windsurfing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding it
really doesn’t matter, because the Viper Air WS is equally good
at both and when you’re done the whole board stores into a
backpack! The Viper Air WS is the ultimate watersports toy!

Years of experience producing the best entry-level boards in
the business has allowed us to take that knowledge and apply it
to this inflatable version, the Viper Air WS. The result is a board
that has all the glide, stability and manoeuvrability any beginner
would expect from a windsurfing board. Yet at the same time it
is designed in a way that blends windsurfing and SUP together
into a board that is great for both.

The soft deck pad makes the Viper Air WS forgiving to learn
on and of course, with all that volume and stability, it is also
a comfy platform for passengers! Our aim has been to make
the Viper Air WS something that the whole family can enjoy.
Whether windsurfing, SUP’ing, catching your first waves or just
floating around in the sun, this incredible board does it all.
Who would believe that you could fit so much fun into
a backpack!

Choosing the right paddleboard is a big deal so why not arrange to see and demo our boards for yourself, 

WeSUP Extra’s worth  £175 with every board

We are not Fanatics premier UK demo centre for nothing. Our Staff are highly trained and will not only make sure you get the best board for you but offer free training and access to our exclusive paddleboard clubs when you buy any board from us. 

What’s in the box

  • Fanatic Carry Bag to carry your SUP in
  • Fanatic Pump
  • Board Fins
  • Repair Kit
  • Standard 12 month Manufacturer Warranty

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