NEW – Pay As You Play Membership

The all new ‘Pay As You Play’ Club WeSUP!

Finally, after years of trying to include the whole world, our new training and activity rating card has paved the way for people who have their own SUP equipment to join in with all the great Club WeSUP adventures and activities. It’s called the Pay As You Play membership and its available right now for just £70. We hope you feel this is great value but also we are seeking your feedback on the pricing.

We are going to trial the membership this season and see how it goes but basically, this is what you’ll get:

  • FREE Training and Activity assessment card
  • FREE subscription to all of our epic club socials including Beach BBQ’s, Our House Parties, Explore Cornwall walks and adventures.
  • FREE lesson worth £40 either beginner or advanced lesson to make sure you have the skills to keep up!
  • 50% off all Classes & Clinics.
  • Just £5 entry to all Club Activities such as SUP & Jump, Night Paddling, Paddle & Pint, Tanker Tagging and many more
  • Just £5 entry to all Club SUP Fitness & Health sessions including SUP Yoga, SUP Intervals and SUP Meditation.
  • Just £5 entry to all Club WeSUP Adventures and Expeditions.
  • Local Discounts including:
  • 20% Friends & Family Discount at WeSUP
  • Corporate Discount on St Michaels’ Health Club Memberships.
  • 15% Discount at Gylly Cafe.
  • 10% Discount at Sessions Surf and Skate Shop Falmouth.
  • 10% Discount at The Bottle Bank Falmouth.

It’s going to cost you just £70 for this Spring | Summer season. That fee mainly covers your initial basic or advance training which you must do with us to be covered by our insurance. Once you have shown us your skills and ability, you’ll be able to join in on the activities that suit your current ability. Your ability will be assessed by one of our highly trained senior instructors and your training card will be signed off accordingly enabling you to take part in either the Green, Amber or Red rated activities shown on your card.

Keen to join? Go ahead and visit the Club WeSUP Membership page for all the details!

Club WeSUP Autumn | Winter Explained

Ello Petals! Welcome to Club WeSUP!

I just want to clear up all the questions that I have been asked about the new Club WeSUP membership options. The options really are all new and naturally when things change they need a little explaining… so here goes!

Gold Memberships

These new Club WeSUP memberships are our best value memberships ever. This seasons Gold Membership is an upgrade of lasts seasons Silver Plus. The upgrade means that you get unlimited access to our board store and a whole host of exciting classes and clinics meaning that you can take our equipment at anytime, even outside of our normal opening hours – Just as long as you have completed all of the required training indicated on your training card. There will be no need to re-do training that you already achieved during last season’s Club WeSUP sessions, we will just sign your new training card and you’ll have all the freedom you’ve earned. Of course you will also have unlimited access to our amazing line-up of SUP activities, adventures, fitness sessions and Club WeSUP members only social events.

Just 50 Gold Club WeSUP memberships available. Grab yours here whilst they  are discounted for the early birds until September 20th!

Student and Discount Memberships

The Student and Discount membership is available for EVERYONE, not just students. It has been introduced to answer the needs of the less adventurous paddler and those of you who like us are on a budget. You still have the option to pay just £20 more to undertake your Advanced Lesson to gain the ability to join in on all but 2 of our much higher rated activities. Within this Club WeSUP membership as standard (without the upgraded advanced lesson) you will still have access to our most popular classes and clinics, activities and adventures within Gylly Bay which include SUP & Jump, SUP Meditation & Yoga, SUP & Swim and much, much more. Plus of course our amazing social line up which is of course Club WeSUP members only and includes a very special mid-month members only party that starts at our beach house – VIP’s only!

Just 100 Student & Discount memberships available. Grab yours here whilst they are discounted for the early birds until September 30th

New Training & Rating Cards

Last season, some of you were turned away from certain adventures because you lacked the skills to keep up with the more experienced paddlers or to keep yourselves safe at sea. We absolutely hated turning you away as we pride ourselves on our all-inclusive attitudes so this season that stops. We have introduced the Ratings & Training Card which works on a traffic light system. It will allow you to clearly index your personal ability next to the activities and adventures that we offer so that you can be sure you have the skills to attend.

Quite simply:

  • if you complete the GREEN rated classes & clinics you can take part in the GREEN rated activities. You only need to complete the Beginner Lesson to gain access to the GREEN rated activities but we hope that your new Training Card will inspire you to take more of the GREEN rated classes and become a more skilled and a more responsible and safe paddler.
  • As a Student & Discount member, if you want to take part in our AMBER rated activities, you must first complete all the GREEN rated Classes & Clinics and then undertake the Advanced Lesson at a cost of just £20 (including a 50% discount) It’s up to you if you wish to pay for additional training thereafter but again, we hope you will be inspired by your training card to be a better, safer paddler.
  • As a Gold member, you will need to have completed all your Green & Amber rated classes & clinics before you gain the freedom to take boards outside of opening hours. This is pure safety because your safety and enjoyment is everything to us. Of course, if we already know you have the skills then we will sign your training card as we deem appropriate so that you can gain the freedom you’ve earned right away.

If you guys have any further Q’s please do not hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and we cant wait for you to join our family!

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