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A New Category Of Fitness

As a forward thinking, business savvy gym owner or personal trainer, we know that you are always on the look out for new and interesting ways to support your clients fitness regime. WeSUP Fitness Affiliates enables you to run your very own range of dynamic SUP fitness and mental relaxation classes from our Stand Up Paddleboard centres. It’s a totally pioneering opportunity that gets you and your clients out of the gym, out of the park and onto the water.

Your training to achieve this takes less than a full day and costs just £95. We teach how to paddle with basic & advanced skill and how to keep your clients safe within our enclosed waters. WeSUP take responsibility for teaching your clients how to SUP so all thats left is for you to do is develop and deliver your SUP Fitness class for your excited, re-engaged clients.

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What even is WeSUP Fitness?

Imagine standing on a wobble board on the water with a paddle in your hand. Well thats Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Now imagine sprint-paddling your board between two markers, lungs burning, heart racing and at each marker your clients deliver 10+ intense reps of any exercise that you determine. Push-ups, squats, burpees, v-sits etc… All whilst balancing on their boards afloat on the water.

It’s an intense core body workout that boasts a unique and unrivalled fun factor. Watch your clients laugh their socks off as they battle with the exercise vs balance and take the occasional plunge into the water! Watch them embrace the self-made competition as they battle to beat rival group members to the marker and push themselves to the limit! There really isn’t anything like it and we know your clients will absolute love it![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][mk_padding_divider size=”25″][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONBUxPFkEHo&vq=1080″][/vc_column][/mk_page_section][mk_page_section][vc_column][mk_padding_divider size=”25″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1534683720729{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]

Instant Benefits!

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For You, The Instructor

  • An exciting new revenue stream
  • New skillset with free WeSUP training
  • No up-front costs – ever!
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Diversify your current fitness programme
  • Enjoy new PR opportunities
  • Fully managed online booking system
  • Create your own schedule
  • Increase client satisfaction

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For You, The Customer

  • Exciting, dynamic fitness that works for  everyone
  • Combined fitness and wellness experiences
  • Exceptional mental stress buster
  • Personal or group fitness class options
  • Affordable pay-as-they-play classes
  • Try-before-they-buy

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WeSUP Fitness For Your Business

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In a nutshell, we provide the equipment, instructor induction and access to water. All you have to do is invite your clients to take part in your new class that will be run by you. Our partnership is a bespoke collaboration and what we do together is only limited by your drive and imagination.

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Much More To Offer

As well as offering high-intensity classes, you could also think about delivering variations on these classes.

  • SUP Yoga or Stretch & Strengthen classes
  • SUP Meditation
  • Post-work wind-down paddling

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Your personal training qualifications combined with our robust operating procedures will be all you need to get started and ensure your lawful diligence. We do however also recommend taking a look at our friends over at SUP Fit if you seek focused, expert SUP fitness qualifications. They offer REPS & Skills Active accredited SUP fitness instructor training which will take your WeSUP Fitness class to the next level. https://www.supfit.co.uk

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Costs & Payments

You (the fitness coach) pay us nothing. Class cost for clients start from as little as £10 per person for board rental with your class fee to be aded on top. We take just 20% of your overall class fee as commission; no strings attached and absolutely no upfront costs for you. Your clients will book onto your class via our website and pay online at the point of booking confirmation. You will simply invoice us at your convenience (weekly or monthly) and we pay you exactly what is owed within 5 working days. Our aim to make this opportunity genuinely affordable and accessible for you and your clients.

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So lets do it!

If WeSUP Fitness is sounding like an opportunity that you cant afford to miss out on, the next steps are fun and simple. Contact Tony at [email protected] to start planning your engagement with us and remember, each application to join WeSUP Fitness is bespoke and limited only by your passion for people and fitness.

Create your own WeSUP Fitness Open Day

For those of you with studios or gyms who are interested in opening this opportunity up for group bookings, we recommend that you work with us to host a WeSUP Fitness Open Event. This will be your opportunity to invite your clients on mass to WeSUP for their first SUP Fitness experience.

Classes can run for up to 25 at a time with multiple sessions conducted each day or over any schedule period of time. A heavily discounted fee of £20 per person will be charged by us (normally £50) and for that they will experience a cool WeSUP lesson to learn the basics. This will be followed by a WeSUP Fitness class run by our own instructor. Even if nothing else, this is an outstanding team away day to promote your business. The rest will be down to you to inspire your clients to be a part of the latest movement in ocean fitness.

We cant wait to welcome you into our family!

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