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Welcome To Your Future WeSUP HQ

We offer a trendy, profitable and sustainable business solution that maximises the lifestyle opportunity of your waterside location. Our core product is WeSUP HQ – An innovative, ‘out of the box’ solution that enables you to pop up a beautifully designed SUP centre and instantly embed a culture of stylish outdoor living; with community, fitness, health & wellness at the foundations of the venture. Whether we form a new shared venture company or become sitting tenants on your land, we have already dreamt up a perfect partnership model for our future together

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Enhance Life At Your Water Side Location

We are welcoming partners who are pioneering the movement to support people into healthy, active lifestyles. WeSUP do this by offering high level, customer focused experiences both on and off the water. We take the reins and develop a cool, contemporary space from which a vibrant, energised community will spring to enjoy a range of fitness, social, adventure and relaxation activities.

We are talking about SUP lessons & equipment rental, SUP Yoga & meditation, guided coastal tours & expeditions, beach BBQ’s for dancing and socialising, corporate wellness activities and creative networking events… The list is endless and you will enjoy contact with a huge new demographic of happy lifestyle enthusiasts, who are ready to extend their WeSUP experience into whatever you currently offer.

Whether you own a artisan coffee shop on a city canal, a boutique restaurant on a beautiful beach, a luxury hotel complex on a lake or an exisiting activity centre looking to add SUP to your programme, we have a bespoke solution to enhance your location with all that we have to offer.

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