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Brain child of head coach Charlotte Lodey, The Palm Tree Club specialises in enhanced work-place productivity, creative networking and generally feeling good! Together, WeSUP and The Palm Tree Club deliver WeSUP Wellness Innovations – A collection of pioneering wellness programmes and solutions where Stand Up Paddleboarding forms the centre of our approach.

Whether a sole trader or a multi-national corporation, you and your team will love what we have to offer for your forward thinking business! Team away days, corporate business & leisure retreats, creative networking events and corporate memberships for simple, sustainable access to WeSUPs normal therapeutic, fitness and social activities.

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“Three out of every five (60%) employees have experienced mental health issues due to work or where work was a related factor”

Active Live – Healthy Mind

The Science – The Facts

With almost a decade of contact with people through WeSUP, we boast a unique understanding of the physical and psychological effects of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Our joint venture with The Palm Tree Club combines on a full year of scientific research, data collection and a unique u nderstanding of the impact of mental health in the work place. WeSUP Wellness Innovations are designed for innovative businesses and business owners who truly understand the value of their teams welfare.

Physical and Psychological Effects of SUP

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